Piracy Inc

A game about pirates.


That's in the "Arrr", sense, rather than the "Don't copy that floppy" sense.

And by "Arrr", that's "Arrr, A pint of grog and another for me parrot", rather than "Arrrrr my tears and whiskers, my blessed toe is chock full of pain from where I stubbed it on the fucking table"

By which I mean this is a game of piracy, wenching, looting, pillaging, wooden feet and talking parrots. Scurvy seadogs and lilly-livered land lovers.

It contains No Sodding Zombie Pirates.


Well, in the interests of accuracy and balance, that may not strictly be true, as my notes do contain the terrible concept phrase "Zombie slaves". Actually, to be accurate and full of right, the game contains no zombie pirates at all, no zombies either. OTOH, it also contains no wenching, looting, pillaging, wooden feet nor talking parrots either.

The reason for this shocking lack of anything even a little bit resembling any kind of pirate themed game, despite the header of this page?


Well, not treasure. Time. But time is money, right? Therefore at some level, time is treasure.

The reason is that I haven't coded it yet. Piracy Inc exists in a few hundred lines of preliminary mockups of town economies, pages and pages of notebooks, and a github repository.

But I'm working on it. And it will, obviously, rock your world.

Just not...

.... quite yet.

Updates will appear on my site, and possibly even the twitter account



Nicholas 'Aquarion' Avenell.
Coder, Designer & Captain.
Piracy Incorperated